Printing means movement, speed and precision. It is a way to convey reality through writing, as well as to put one's imagination on a flowing stream of paper, sliding through complicated machinery.


The edifice visualises such precision, speed and movement both in its overall shape and in the details. At the same time it refers to the way an artist sees the world, the way words and images fly. That is where the glass elements and lights come from, and likewise the gardens located on the green terraces on the third floor.

The idea of conveying the function of the building through its shape has also been realised literally, by shaping its vertical accent like a book. The production section of the building, a two-story hall with a simple shape, functions as a background for the more architecturally elaborate front section. The front walls have been decorated with varied materials: ceramic tiles, three different shades of aluminium, glass and natural stone.


arch. Marek Tarko



ul. Bolesława Czerwieńskiego 3d
31-319 Kraków

tel. +48 12 31 22 300
fax +48 12 31 22 249



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