Mission ang goals

Our goal is to take printing craft to the next level and make it the “art of printing”.

We set ourselves a goal: to perform all the printing tasks we accept with the same care and commitment as an artist while doing creative work.

Passion and sensitivity to beauty and colour, an eye for aesthetics, and innovative production technology are combined to let us achieve the goal and celebrate the printing art.

With our highly innovative economical investments we want to meet all the needs of the modern book market with up-to-date technological solutions as well as honouring the long-time traditions of the printing craft.

To recapitulate, our goal is, by combining the rich and valuable printing tradition with modern technology and machinery, to create real work of art for the book market.




ul. Bolesława Czerwieńskiego 3d
31-319 Kraków

tel. +48 12 31 22 300
fax +48 12 31 22 249



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