Skleniarz Printing House performs all kinds of printing and binding services. We are not afraid of difficult tasks, and guarantee high quality of prints and quick fulfilment of the tasks we accept. We are open to negotiate our prices.


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A book is a written document of human thought, rather extensive in size, in the form of a publication of a set number of pages, of permanent character.

A book is a close-knit collections of prints: an extensive literary work, a collection of lesser works, a lexicon, a handbook, a guide book, a document or collection of documents, an album, an atlas, etc. Long works of prose are considered books: they can be novels, but also all other kinds of non-accidental prints or collections of shorter forms, such as novellas, short stories, or articles. A bound print-out of a work published in electronic form can also be called a book.

According to librarian terminology a book is an item of more than 48 pages, or any other hard-cover item, which includes sheet music, maps or collections of magazines bound together.

Some of our prints: Book
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A booklet is a short print, up to 4 printed sheets, or 64 pages. According to librarian terminology it is an item of 5 to 48 pages.

In marketing, a booklet consists of a few folders bound together. The number of pages is always a multiple of 8 or of 16.

A booklet has stiff covers, so that the recipient can browse it repeatedly and use the data contained therein in negotiations with its author. A booklet contains a lot of data, information, and explanations, so that consumers can find answers to most questions they might have within its pages.

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An album is a book of illustrations, with scarce explanatory text. Usually it concerns painting, architecture or famous people, even though almost any topic could be made into an album.

The albums we print are very carefully crafted and have clear layouts. We take great care of the details. We know that illustrations and photographs are the most important part of an album publication and make sure that they turn out great, both concerning the colours and the layout.

Some of our prints: Album
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Catalogue, Folder
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A folder is one of the most commonly used advertisement prints. It is a leaf of paper folded once. It can have many different formats, but only has four pages. The purpose of a folder is to present merchandise using the printed word, illustration and colour. In a folder various types of maps, graphs, data and other graphical elements can be used, often to a larger extent than in flyers, letters or trade cards.

Thanks to their high aesthetic value and careful manufacturing our folders are a great way to represent any company.

Some of our prints: Catalogue, Folder
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A flyer is a small advertisement print, usually consisting of on folded sheet of paper. It communicates the essential information about the operation of an institution, company, or political organization.

Flyers most commonly contain information concerning theatre or cinema programmes, extracts from catalogues or short advertisement texts describing one specific product or a company's business offer. The name of the flyer most probably came from the way it was distributed: the most common way to spread them is to put them in public places, such as waiting rooms, shops or staircases, or to have them handed out to passers-by in a street. The flyer is a cheaper alternative to a poster or a folder.

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A calendar is a type of print containing a calendarium, i. e. a list of days, holidays, moon phases and such, and often other types of information: religious, medical, scientific, technical or political.

Calendars became popular after print was invented, and they were especially abundant in the Enlightenment, when they were an instrument to spread education among the masses. In later times their role was slowly taken over by specialist papers and books, and calendars became typical occasional prints.

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A poster is a type of occasional print. It is a one-sided print of large size (at least A2), it serves propaganda or advertisement purposes, and is placed at fixed spots in public locations.

Posters are not created with type, they are all graphics. Usually they occupy the whole area of the paper and are richly coloured. The shapes of the letters are often modified to serve the artistic purpose of the whole.

A typical bill is usually a work of craft, but the poster is a form of art. Posters are printed solely on specific poster paper.

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A card is an occasional print. Usually it is a square-shaped, handy piece of thick paper, inscribed with content dependent on the type of card. It is helpful when people need to get acquainted and an element of social norm. The types of cards are:

  • business: a company logo, name of the owner and his or her post, contact data, information about the field the business operates in
  • personal: name of the owner, sometimes an academic title, additional contact data
  • family: usually only name, no address, attached to gifts and sometimes used when people are getting acquainted
  • combined: some elements of both a personal and a business card
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Other and unusual
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Our company will try to satisfy any needs you might have. We are flexible and open to any suggestions or ideas coming from our customers. Thanks to advanced technology we are able to materialize almost any idea.

We offer prints in all formats, also the more unusual ones. High-class, modern machinery allows us to print on a wide variety of materials.
We are ready to answer your questions. You are welcome to use our services.

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