To achieve our goals and ensure the best quality of our services, we have acquired state-of-the-art production lines and implemented modern printing techniques, based on German machines, which guarantee that our prints and binding are of the best quality.

Our newly built production space of 3800 square metres houses, among others:

  • technologically advanced Insite data verification system
  • two B1 Suprasetter printing plate production machines
  • Image Control device
  • 5-colour B1 format printing machine, Heidelberg XL 105
  • 2-colour B1 format printing machine with SW printing, Heidelberg  SM 102
  • 4-colour B2 format printing machine, Heidelberg XL 75
  • 2-colour B2 printing machine with SW printing, SW Heidelberg SM 74
  • Stahl folding machines, two for B1 prints and one for B2 prints
  • Aster 2000 and Aster 180 sewing machines
  • Kolbus PK 170 cardboard cutter
  • Kolbus  DA 270 production line for more complicated bindings
  • Kolbus  PE 312 cover embossing machine
  • Kolbus BF 512 book production line
  • Kolbus production line for paperbacks, hot melt or PUR
  • Valore saddle stitch production line, produced by the Müller Martini company
  • as well as cutters, laminators used to ensure better quality of the paper surfaces, packaging machines, and others





Quality Control

  • We use the technologically advanced Insite system to verify all the files sent in for printing.
  • The advanced Image Control system is used to ensure the right colours in prints.
  • Additionally, the high quality of our company's work is assured by on-the-spot verification, performed by our workers during the production.


As soon as we get the production files, made according to our guidelines, available in the PDF document available here, the files are taken care of by our specialists and printing plates are prepared.


A valid production file is one of the conditions necessary to get high quality prints. Before the plates are made, it is possible to test the file digitally on HP device, which can serve as a check if the colours are valid, if the ozalids are fine, and if the imposition is right.


Our printing house uses modern imagesetters, the Heidelberg Suprasetters, for the CtP. Together with machinery based on the same company's constructions they ensure the highest quality of prints.

The newly introduced CtP system offers great capability, and is able to drastically increase efficiency in our company. Never mind if one is looking for a coherent construction, efficiency, reliability or easy operation, the Suprasetter sets a new standard in all of these aspects. The technology it implements far surpasses all that we are used to expect from CtP.



  • 5-colour B1 Heidelberg XL 105 offset machine
  • 4-colour B2 Heidelberg XL 75 offset machine
  • 2-colour B1 Heidelberg SM-102 offset machine
  • 2-colour B2 Heidelberg SM-74-2 offset machine




  • paperback binding Kolbus line
  • hardcover binding Kolbus line
  • Kolbus cover assembly machinery
  • Kolbus cover embossing machine
  • Kolbus spine calibration machine
  • Polar 115E cutter
  • Polar 92E cutter


  • Muller Martini wire-sewing line
  • Aster 2000 automated sewing machine
  • Aster 180 automated sewing machine
  • three Sthal KD folding machines
  • a bundle wrapping machine
  • packaging machinery
  • a number of other bookbinding machines


Heidelberg Cylinder Press 1958

The machine that Skleniarz Printing House proudly possesses, model Heidelberg Cylinder Press, was first presented at the DRUPA fair in 1958. The technical solutions that were implemented in this machine placed it among the leaders in concepts and solutions of that time. 

The quality of workmanship of this machine can be asserted by the fact that our specimen, manufactured in the early 1960s, has been in service for over fifty years until the present time, with no failures. Every day, it fulfils its production tasks, it is reliable and easy in operation – and, here you are, judge for yourselves what it looks like.



ul. Bolesława Czerwieńskiego 3d
31-319 Kraków

tel. +48 12 31 22 300
fax +48 12 31 22 249


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